Aartech Canada Distributing Yale Real Living Zwave Locks

Aartech is now a stocking distributor for Yale Real Living ZWave locks. These devices can be controlled not only from within the home but also remotely by way of Internet enabled smart phones and web browsers when combined with automation controllers such as VERA or Hometroller.   These systems provide the home owner with enhanced security, convenience and energy management tools to take control of their environment and save on energy costs.

With Yale Real Living™ locks, users can easily add or remove access codes for use by family, friends, tradespeople or babysitters rather than having to worry about losing keys or controlling duplicates. As part of a home control network, deadbolts can be locked and unlocked and user codes can be managed from anywhere in the world by way of an Internet connection. With an integrated system, the home’s doors can automatically lock when the alarm system is armed, the homeowner can receive email or text messages when their children arrive home safely and unlock the door, and lights can turn on automatically when the door is unlocked so no-one has to enter a dark house again.

Yale Real Living™ deadbolts are available in pushbutton and touchscreen styles with either ZWave® or Zigbee® configuration options.