Aiphone Video Intercoms

Intercom systems afford the homeowner both convenience and additional safety by not having to go to the door to answer it.  We’ve recently added Aiphone video intercoms to the mix because many of our customers were asking for the ability to connect a second interior video station to the system.  SVAT allows for a single interior video station while Channel Vision and Teledoorbell products rely on piping video to a supplementary monitor or household TV/DVR.  Aiphone’s JK series of video intercoms come standard with a single video indoor station but have the ability to add a supplementary or sub station for an office, basement or master bedroom.   When the entry CALL button is pressed, both video stations will show the guest’s image and allow for either hands free or push to talk (PTT) communication with the entrance station.  Aiphone also allows for station to station calling between the two inside intercoms for additional convenience.