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Insteon Control Of A Gas Fireplace

At first glance, it may appear that your gas fireplace is controlled by a 110V wall switch like the rest of the lights in your house.  It’s quite possible that the switch on the wall is the same.  But upon closer inspection of either the wiring or where it connects back to the gas fireplace

Top 5 Alternatives to The Wink Hub

Wink owners frustrated by service issues and Quirky’s bankruptcy proceedings, are looking for alternative home automation controllers.  Let’s look at some of the current alternatives to replace Quirky’s Wink.  One key advantage to ALL of the Wink alternative controllers, is that while they are accessible from the ‘cloud’, they can work just fine if the

Security Tip: Password Best Practices

Here are some tips to protect yourself, your systems, and your web accounts from being hacked. Always and immediately change default passwords on your electronics, security and camera systems and automation controllers otherwise you’re asking to be hacked! Some systems will prompt you to change your administrator password as a reminder and you should take