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Now Stocking Evolve ZWave Products

We are now stocking and distributing Evolve ZWave wall switches, ZWave dimmers and plug-in modules.   Evolve switches and modules are very reasonably priced and are fully ZWave compliant including support for security beaming.  They use updated ZWave chipsets and the light switches and dimmers have a nice clean decora style.   They’re a perfect fit

Elk M1KPNAV Touch Screen LCD Keypad

Elk has added a beautiful new touch screen LCD keypad to their M1 line.  Now in stock, the M1KPNAV keypad has a 3.5 inch full colour LCD with sleek contemporary styling and full menu system for daily use as well as programming.   By far the best looking keypad Elk has available, the M1KPNAV also has

Blueline PowerCost Monitor and People Power

Blueline Innovations has partnered with People Power to give consumers a new way to monitor, budget and adjust their electricity consumption using their network enabled Powercost Monitor.  Hosted in ‘the cloud’, the People Power Android and iPhone applications can show curent consumption, historical consumption, as well as consumption compared to their set budget or even

INSTEON Dual Band OutletLinc Dimmer In Stock

The new INSTEON dual band OutletLinc with built-in dimmer is now in stock.  No more plug-in lamp modules.  This receptacle has a built-in 300W dimmer for plug-in lights and both outlets are tamper resistant.  As a dual band product it communicates with both powerline and RF signals and can be directly controlled with a wireless

Replacing Alarm System Battery

If you have a home alarm and the alarm system is indicating a battery problem or low battery it’s probably time to replace it.  The backup battery’s job is to keep the alarm system working if power fails.  They are constantly charging and eventually they start to lose their capacity.  Replacing your alarm system battery

Perfect Camping and Cottage Boom Box

Spending some time at the cottage or camping this summer?  Take your tunes and movies with you!  The Magnasonic MG-MDVD500 is the perfect cottage and camping companion.  It plays DVD movies on a built-in LCD screen, plays CD music, has a built-in AM/FM tuner and even a USB and SD card slots for playing personal

Dual Band 2477D Back In Stock

After a long backorder, we now have 2477D dual band Insteon dimmers back in stock.  Dual band dimmers use both RF and Powerline signals to communciate with repeat the Insteon signal, making them an important part of a strong Insteon network.  They also double as RF receivers for use with wireless motion sensors, door/window contacts

Lower Leviton Pricing

At long last, Leviton Canada has reduced pricing on several of its lines including LIN (networking and structured wiring products).  This combined with some special pricing for Vizia RF+ product means Canadians can enjoy aggressive pricing on this side of the border while avoiding duties, customs, brokerage fees and exchange rates.  Thank you for supporting