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Automation Keeps Monsters Away

Does this sound familiar?  Little ones get scared at night and come running to Mom and Dad’s room for comfort at 3am.   This is sweet and they need you but it can get old the after the 4th night in a row.  Here’s how automation can help.  Get yourself Insteon or X10 switches / dimmers

Video Baby Monitors

Levana is now shipping their new line of night vision video baby monitors using CLEARVU digital wireless technology for interference free operation.   Now you can see, hear and even talk to your baby any time from anywhere in the house using the portable audio/video monitor with rechargeable battery.  You can even play Lullabies for

2477DH Dual Band 1000W INSTEON Dimmer

Smartlabs has released the 2477DH Dual Band INSTEON 1000W Dimmer.  Stock will be here by Wednesday.  Dual band products include a wireless RF access point on board so they can directly receive both powerline based and RF based INSTEON signals and they also act as repeaters and phase couplers.

Now Distributing Global Caché

We’re excited to announce that we are now a stocking distributor for Global Cache IP and WIFI products including the GC-100 series and iTach series of Ethernet and WIFI to infrared, contact closure and serial devices.  These products allow monitoring and control of infrared, serial or contact closure (relay) over a wired Ethernet or wireless

New 2477D INSTEON Dual Band Dimmers

Smarthome has announced a new 2477D Dual Band INSTEON dimmer supporting both powerline based AND RF wireless communication.  The RF support means the dimmer functions as a wireless access point.  It will repeat both wired and wireless INSTEON commands and serves to further strengthen the network.  Put some of these in your house and do

New Wireless Security Cameras

Until recently we have avoided wireless cameras like the plague because they were too prone to interference especially in urban areas.  But with the advent of digital wireless technology we can finally start to offer wireless camera systems once again. SVAT has brought out a new batch of GigaXtreme wireless security cameras focused on DIY

Visonic Launches New Powermax Express QuickFit Surveillance and Alarm Kits

Continuing their tradition of cutting edge wireless systems, Visonic has launched a new Powermax Express QuickFit Surveillance and Alarm System Kit.  Powermax Express is a completely wireless self-contained alarm system for home or business supporting both professional monitoring and self-monitoring options.  Self monitoring allows the home or business owner to monitor the system without adding