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Visonic Launches New Powermax Express QuickFit Surveillance and Alarm Kits

Continuing their tradition of cutting edge wireless systems, Visonic has launched a new Powermax Express QuickFit Surveillance and Alarm System Kit.  Powermax Express is a completely wireless self-contained alarm system for home or business supporting both professional monitoring and self-monitoring options.  Self monitoring allows the home or business owner to monitor the system without adding

New Insteon Lighting Control Starter Kits

We’ve added a bunch of new, super aggressively priced Insteon starter kits to our site.  These new kits feature some of the newer dual band lamp modules, SmartLinc web enabled controllers and more.  There has NEVER been a better time to start experiencing the convenience and energy saving ability of home automation and Insteon lighting

Schlage Z-Wave Locks

Due to popular demand we’ve added some of the Schlage ZWave door locks to our catalog.  At the time of writing, Schlage has not yet released their bridge and subscription Internet plan for Canada but these locks can be used with Homeseer and Micasaverde or other compatible systems and hardware.  Now you can check to

Digital Wireless Baby Monitor With Video

Parents will really appreciate our brand new Digital Wireless Baby Monitor with Video from Levana.  Unlike most wireless products, the BABYVIEW20 isn`t prone to wireless interference from cordless phones, wireless networks and the like.  This portable wireless baby monitor uses DIGITAL wireless signals for clear, interference free images and audio so parents can keep tabs

Blueline Innovations Powercost Monitor

We were recently contacted by Blueline Innovations who asked if we would consider carrying their Powercost Monitor.  Within minutes of reading about the product it was obvious that this would be a perfect product for our customer base.  The Powercost Monitor lets homeowners view real time energy consumption information about their household.  It can show