Concerned About Heartbleed?

Without getting overly technical, for those who who have heard about the ‘heartbleed’ bug, our site is NOT running a vulnerable version of OpenSSL.  As a precaution we have replaced our SSL security certificate.  We use an EVSSL which is more secure as the issuer actually has to verify our business information before they will release the certificate (and you get a pretty green bar or lock icon too).   We’ve also added a Hackerproof badge as third party verification of security.

In addition, we use a hosted credit card payment page, and those paying by Paypal do so on Paypal’s site, not ours.  What that means is that our site NEVER touches your payment information during or after the checkout process. We simply get a response from the payment processor indicating whether the payment was approved or declined.

We do recommend as a security precaution that you change any and all passwords that you use on sensitive sites such as those used for banking purposes, your email accounts, etc. to be safe.

We’re here to serve, so if you have questions or concerns just let us know.