Digital Wireless Baby Monitor With Video

Parents will really appreciate our brand new Digital Wireless Baby Monitor with Video from Levana.  Unlike most wireless products, the BABYVIEW20 isn`t prone to wireless interference from cordless phones, wireless networks and the like.  This portable wireless baby monitor uses DIGITAL wireless signals for clear, interference free images and audio so parents can keep tabs on their little ones from anywhere in the house.  The monitor has a colour LCD screen, runs on batteries or the plug-in power adapter and has a voice activation feature so it can be put on standby and will automatically activate when baby makes noise.  The camera has built-in infrared LEDs to let parents see their child in darkness with a range of 10-15 feet, so they can check in without turning on the lights and waking her up.  The camera also has three built-in lullabies that can be turned on, off and changed remotely using the monitor.  There`s even a built-in night light!

Check out our new site: Digital Wireless Baby Monitor with Video.

All I can say is – where were these things when OUR kids were born!