Do It Yourself Home Security System

Home Security Systems provide peace of mind as well as property protection for homeowners whether you’re at home or away at the office or on vacation.  A home security system can be surprisingly simple to install and by installing it yourself, you can avoid labour charges and you can self-monitor the system to avoid any monthly fees or contracts.  By using a wireless security system, set-up is even simpler because there are no wires to run for door/window sensors or motion detectors but you get the same level of protection.

The new X10 Security system is offers a mix of home security and home automation.  The compact, self contained alarm can be left on a table top or wall mounted and simply connects to power and a telephone line.  When an alarm is triggered, the built-in siren blasts and it dials up to 6 telephone numbers for help.  Since it is simply calling family or friends, there are no monthly monitoring fees or contracts to sign.  The person who answers can even listen in to see what’s happening in the home.  Wireless door, window and motion sensors are easy to install and the system supports 30 wireless sensors and two wired sensors.

The X10 SecuriLinc home security system can be remotely armed and disarmed by telephone in case you forget to arm it or if you need to allow someone in to your home, and you can turn X10 compatible lights on or off remotely as well.  In addition to remote control, it has a built-in light timer that can turn X10 controlled lights and appliances on or off on a schedule for convenience or to make the home look lived in while you’re away.

With affordable, do it yourself home security systems like this, your home can be protected while you’re away and you can also use it to set up a perimeter alarm for when you or your family are home to keep the bad guys away.  Studies show that a home protected by a security system is much less likely to be targeted by criminals.