DSC Alexor – The Great Protector

OK so the name is cheesy but the concept is beautiful.  Traditionally DSC and GE wireless alarm systems were self-contained in the keypad.   Just run power/phone to the keypad location and add your wireless motion/door/window sensors and you’re done.  Fast and simple set up.  The only issue is that since everything is in the one unit, if the thief knew the system, they could knock it off the wall and disable it.

GE’s Simon system allows for a second keypad of sorts (more like a remote) for arming and disarming the system so the main keypad could be installed in a closet or basement.  Better but not quite perfect.

Enter the DSC Alexor alarm system.  Alexor is a two piece wireless alarm system.  The main panel or brains of the system is installed in the basement near the electrical and phone lines so it can be easily connected to both and it’s out of the way.  The keypad is completely wireless and runs on batteries so you literally just attach it to the wall where it’s needed.  You can just as easily add another keypad at the back door and/or master bedroom.  Likewise the sensors are all wireless.  If a burglar rips the wireless keypad off the wall when they break in, the alarm will still sound at the main unit, and it will have time to dial the central station if so programmed.

Add a wireless secondary siren, or outdoor siren with strobe and you’ll confuse the would be thieves and/or alert neighbours or the authorities.  The batteries have a long life so aren’t cause for concern.

Still a bit of a steep learning curve on the programming side, but installation is quick and easy since it’s all wireless.   I still prefer a hardwired system where possible but if you don’t want the hassle or can’t get the wires run, this wireless system is the next best thing!

If you’d like to hear a more in-depth review, let us know.