Integrating DSC Security Systems with VERA and ZWave

If you have, or plan to purchase a DSC alarm system you can have the ‘Rogers Smart Home’ functionality, but without the associated monthly fees.  We can show you how! If you’re a dealer selling these systems – this is a GREAT way to add Smart Home functionality to new and older systems for customer retention, satisfaction, and more business.

The system can stisll be professionally monitored and/or you can add email or SMS alerts.  We have a number of home automation controllers that can bridge the gap between DSC panels and Zwave devices, but the least expensive and yet very powerful and reliable solution would be to use a VERALITE or VERA3 automation controller.

VERA is a great Zwave controller allowing one to remotely control and check on their Zwave network including lights, thermostats and locks.  It can also be used to set up schedules to turn devices on and off for energy savings or security.  But there are also a huge list of FREE software plug-in modules that let VERA work with other systems.  One of them is for DSC alarms.  Once you have this set up you’ll be able to send email or SMS alerts based on alarm events like arm, disarm, zone changes.  You’ll be able to disarm the system when you unlock your Zwave lock, or send an alert when someone unlocks the door.. or turn on the lights when you come home at night.  Use your imagination.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. DSC Powerseries wired alarm system. Current PC1616/PC1832/PC1864 based systems would be perfect.  Older systems can also be supported in most cases – contact us to check.  Strictly wireless systems are more of a challeng or may not be compatible.
  2. DSC IT-100 serial module or EVL-3 EThernet module for DSC
  3. If you’re using IT-100 you’ll also need a usb-serial adapter as VERA has USB connections
  5. The free DSC plug-in module for VERA

There’s a great document discussing the set-up:

The EVL-3 board supports current and most older DSC alarm panels going back about 10 years.. see the product page for details.  The nice thing is that it simply connects to the keypad connection at the alarm panel so no programming of the DSC alarm is needed beyond normal set-up.  So this can be added to a system without needing the installer code.

The IT100 serial interface should also be readily supported and then connected to a USB-serial adapter which can be found at any computer shop.

Questions?  Drop us a line!

DSC with Zwave and VERA