Elk 2 Way Wireless Sensors and Keychain Remotes

We’ve had quite a bit of interest in Elk’s new 2 way wireless sensors and keychain remotes but they were not able to ship to Canada until they had passed Canadian certification.  We’re pleased to say that they are now Canadian certified and we will have then entire line in stock any day now so feel free to place your orders.  The new ELK-M1XRFTW transceiver connects to the Elk data bus and can support Elk 2 way fobs and up to 144 Elk 2 way wireless zones.

The new ELK-6010 keychain remote is 2 way enabled to verify arm/disarm commands as well as allowing the user to press the info button to check if the alarm is armed/disarmed or has an alarm memory condition.

New door/window and universal input devices round out the line.  The ELK-6020 slim door/window sensor is perfect for most standard door/window applications.  The ELK-6021 mini window sensor is perfect for discrete mounting on windows including casement and double hung styles.   Finally the ELK-6022 is a flexible universal sensor with built-in reed (typical door/window use) as well as 2 additional inputs for protecting other doors, windows or ay other normally closed sensor.  The built-in reed switch and 2 additional inputs each have their own zone ID for true 3 zone reporting.

We expect the new devices to be quite popular so order early.