Foscam Canada, Foscam Direct, Foscam Authorized?

Foscam is a very popular network camera brand and as a result there are many sellers to choose from.   But there is some confusion as to who the ‘players’ are and so we wanted to write this post to clarify.  First things first – Foscam does not sell direct!  The original manufacturer’s site is and they are in China.  They do not have an ‘add to cart’ button on their site.

Foscam relies on a number of distributors and resellers in various countries to sell and support the product line.  Some of them have decided to use a domain name, and have skinned their sites to look like the Foscam web site as if they are selling direct.  But they are distributors or resellers of Foscam.   Is this a bit tricky?  You can decide.

We are Aartech Canada, and we are an authorized distributor of the Foscam product line as well as a number of other brand name vendors like Leviton and Intermatic.  We sell network cameras and recorders from multiple vendors and we’ve been in this business since 2002.    We support the full 2 year warranty on Foscam products purchased from our company and we would be pleased to answer any questions you may have both before and after your purchase.