Foscam Firmware Update and Security

Firmware is the “operating system” of your Foscam camera or NVR and just like Windows or your smart phone needs updates for new features and to ensure optical security, so too does your security camera or NVR.   While you may not be worried about the newest features afforded by the latest updates, it is critically important to keep your firmware updated in order to ensure the latest security patches are applied.

Firmware updates will often fix security holes in the camera’s operating system.  You may or may not be worried about someone seeing your video feed but you definitely don’t want someone installing malware on your camera that may spy on your Internet activity, or make your camera or NVR part of the next big Internet attack.  These malware attacks are typically possible because the camera has a really simple password like “password” or “admin”, or because the firmware has not been updated.  So it’s important to make sure you pick a new username and a more complex password and keep your camera up to date.

The good news it that all of the newer Foscam cameras allow for firmware checking and updates right from the Foscam app on your smart phone.  If you don’t use the Foscam app or can’t get this to work for some reason, you can also use a web browser to download and apply updates.

Please visit this knowledgebase article on Foscam’s official web site:

You can also visit the download page for firmware:


If you get stuck, foscam support is available via email for assistance or you can reach out to our tech support team for guidance if you purchased your Foscam camera directly from Aartech Canada.  Please make sure you read the instructions if you are doing a firmware update!  It’s important to stay up to date but if you don’t follow the steps outlined you can “brick” your device turning it in to a nice paperweight, which may or may not be covered by Foscam’s warranty.  If in doubt, ask first.

Enjoy your Foscam camera or NVR and play safe!