Free Internet Monitoring and Control For DSC Powerseries

Finally we have a brand new solution for adding Internet control and monitoring to any new or old DSC Powerseries hardwired or hybrid alarm system going back at least 10 years.  The new Envisalink 2DS simply connects to the Powerseries keypad bus and then connects via CAT5 cable to your router.  Register the MAC address of the Envisalink on the Eyez-On web site and about 20 minutes later you will be able to see your alarm and zone status, arm/disarm the alarm, bypass zones and control PGM output.  You can even set up email or text alerts on alarm conditions or if the panel stops communicating.  Best of all?  NO MONTHLY FEES.  Just buy the hardware and install it.  If you’re an installer this is a GREAT add-on to any pre-existing or new install.