FutureShop Closing All Stores In Canada

In a surprise press release this morning, FutureShop has announced that it is immediately closing all of its stores across Canada.  The futureshop.ca web site is also no longer taking orders.  FutureShop is owned by Best Buy and as noted in their press release, 66 FutureShop stores and futureshop.ca will be closing permanently and immediately.  Another 65 FutureShop stores will close until early April to be remodeled in to the BestBuy brand.

Logically speaking it makes sense, the 66 stores that are closing were in the same parking lot or across the street or in very close proximity to a BestBuy store and with both brands owned by the same company it was a bit of a mystery why both would be viable.  Mystery solved.  It’s a shame for the approximately 500 full time and 1000 part time positions that have been terminated.

As a side note, we’re looking for a new sales rep so any FutureShop employees living in the Oshawa area who are looking for a sales position, please reach out to us!