Ganz PixelMaster NVR – It’s That Easy


We had a chance to test drive new Ganz PixelMaster Network Video Recorder (NVR) today and we were absolutely stunned at how fast and easy it was to set up.  We had the Ganz Pixelmaster high def IP cameras connected, powered, and recording in a matter of minutes.   The IP cameras just plug in to the built-in ports on the back of the NVR and within about 15-20 seconds each one was up and running.  No IP settings, no bit rate settings, just plug it in and watch it connect.  This plug-and-play set up applies to any of the Ganz PixelPro camera series. The built-in ports mean no extra camera power supplies, no extra network switch or other network hardware and because the cameras plug in directly, no security, bandwidth or quality of service issues common with IP camera solutions.

Ganz PixelMaster NVR

Ganz PixelMaster NVR

So then it was time to set up remote access.  You know, figure out the external IP address, log in to the router to set up port forwarding, find a Dynamic DNS provider right?  Nope.  Plug the NVR’s outbound port in to the router, go to the settings page on the NVR and type in a name for your NVR.  Click a button to confirm and now you can find your NVR from anywhere on the Internet with an easy to remember name.  So what about port forwarding?  Click 2 more buttons on the NVR interface and it auto-configures the router.

I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t try it myself but this is by far the fastest and easiest set up I’ve ever seen.  It took me longer to take the screws out of the dome cover than it did to connect 3 cameras.

But that’s not where it ended.   Anyone who has ever adjusted a camera lens knows it’s finicky at best… you just get it right then as you tighten the adjusting screw you throw it back off again.  Or you get it just right and when you put the dome cover back on it throws it out slightly.  Never again!  The Pixelmaster adjustable cameras have a remote focus feature.  So all you have to do is mount the camera, aim it and when you’re at the NVR you click a button and watch it focus itself.  It’s almost sureal the first time around.

I’ve never been so excited by just connecting up some cameras… but as a teaser I’ll say that the NVR features, recording and menu set up were just as good.  Amazing.

Bottom line?    Maybe not the cheapest IP Camera set-up you can purchase.  But the Ganz PixelMaster NVR series is hands down the easiest to install, easiest to set up, with full 1080p recording at 30 frames per camera.  PixelMaster is available in a 4 channel NVR and 8 channel NVR version.  The price is more than worth it with name brand quality and support, remote auto focus adjustment, P-Iris amazing video quality, ease of set up and ease of networking and time saved on installation.    We’ll cover some other features of the NVR and cameras in another blog post.