Gas Fireplace Control Using ZWave

Gas fireplaces are normally controlled by a toggle or paddle switch that looks like a high voltage switche.  However upon closer inspection the switch is typically only controlling low voltage or acting as a contact closure.  This makes gas fireplace control using Zwave difficult as Zwave switches operate at line voltage.

Often the solution involved a Zwave 120V relay that in turn connects to the low voltage wiring, but it’s inconvenient and removes control at the switch location.

A less complex and often cleaner solution is to use Ecolink’s motorized switches.  Available in toggle and paddle styles, these Zwave devices are battery powered and require zero wiring.  They simply go on the front of the existing switch, mechanically moving the toggle or paddle.

This method also means that local control is still available at the switch location, while adding Zwave automation control at the same time.

Ecolink’s motorized switches are ZWave Plus devices with support for standard Zwave.  They are compatible with most automation controllers as well as most alarm systems that have Zwave support.

Toggle Style:

Decora Paddle Style: