GPS Locator Saves Lives, Property and Offers Peace Of Mind

The EyezOn EZ120 GPS Locator provides affordable, reliable tracking of equipment, vehicles, family or even pets.   This simple little device is battery powered with about 2-3 days use per charge.  When worn or mounted on a person, pet or equipment it will report its location regularly to the EyezOn tracking service.

Pro-active alerts can be sent to an unlimited number of contacts if the tracker leaves a safe area, enters an unsafe area, starts to travel faster than a set speed, or if the built-in emergency button is pressed.  These alerts can be sent by e-mail or SMS to family, friends or staff to alert of an abnormal condition.

Users can log in to the EyezOn portal to check historical positions, last known location, set boundaries and speed limits, add contacts.

  • Family of Alzheimer patients or wanders can feel comfortable that they’ll know if their loved ones have gone roaming
  • Ensure children don’t leave an expected area (geo fence), or get in to a vehicle (speed alert)
  • Victims of violence can have a safety net
  • hikers/bikers/campers can have an emergency button and locator in case of trouble
  • Track a pet that has gone missing
  • Vehicle or asset location/tracking
  • Line workers and remote works can be tracked for safety and call for help if needed

Love it!