GPS Tracking for Vehicles and Equipment

Our new line of GPS Tracking equipment is perfect for protecting cars, trucks, trailers, boats, rental equipment or any valuable assets.   Whether you have a single vehicle, expensive equipment or a fleet of cars or trucks, a GPS tracker can help manage and secure your property.   Sold with starter 3 or 12 month service and hardware included, these kits are ready to use right away once activated.

Home users and individuals can use GPS tracking for their benefit:

  • Lost vehicle tracking
  • High value equipment tracking
  • High speed alerts (any teenage drivers out there?)
  • Safety – know where your family is
  • Automatic mileage reporting for business claims

Business users and fleet owners can use GPS tracking to save money and manage their business:

  • Lost vehicle tracking
  • High value equipment track
  • Rental vehicle and equipment tracking and loss prevention
  • Service personel scheduling and tracking
  • Delivery service scheduling and tracking
  • Bad driver reporting (speeding, idling, stopping)
  • Vehicle use after hours or outside of allowed geographies