Help Call or Personal Emergency Reponse Systems (PERS) without Fees

Odds are that you have a loved one, family member or friend who is aging, sick or somehow disabled, but they wish to continue leading a normal, independent lifestyle at home.  Or they may be in a care facility but wish to have more security.  Help Call Systems or Personal Emergency Response (PERS) systems provide a quick and easy way to call for help in case of an emergency or distress by way of a panic button or pendant.  Historially, these systems required ongoing monthly or set-up fees but there is another option available to provide peace of mind and protection without fees.

The Freedom Alert help call personal emergency response system features a two way voice pendant that is worn around the neck, on a belt clip or attached to a wheelchair.  It has a help call button that immediately initiates a telephone call to pre-programmed numbers of family, friends or neighbours.  Each one is called and if none answer, a call is placed directly to 911 emergency services.  As soon as 911 is called, they know where the caller is located even if they cannot speak.

The Guardian 911 help call system is similar, but dials directly to 911 immediately.

These new systems are unique in that the two way voice conversation takes place from the wireless portable pendant and NOT from the base station.  This allows more freedom and protection.  In case of an emergency, the user talks to the pendant rather than having to yell to a base in another room, floor or inside the house.

An emergency help call button can also be added to the Freedom Alert system, providing a way to call for help and talk to the responders, from strategic locations like a bathroom, kitchen or near the bed.

These systems can be used at home or in a care facility – they simply require a spot to plug in a power adapter and telephone cord from the base unit, and they are compatible with standard phone lines and most voip systems.  The help pendent and emergency call button are totally wireless and battery powered for fast and easy installation and portability.