HomeKit Automation, Apple HomeKit Products in Canada

When Apple first announced HomeKit, iOs users were excited and many brands scrambled to throw their hats in the ring to show their interest.  HomeKit promised to make access to home automation products easier for Apple users as well as offering Siri support.  Unfortunately what started out with much hype, had little real product support.

However the past 6 months have seen many new HomeKit compatible devices come to fruition and there are more on the way.

Check out some of the HomeKit enabled products from Aartech here:


Apple home automation fans can now create simple home automation in their homes by adding light switches from iDevices and Leviton.  Thermostats are available from Honeywell and iDevices.  Fibaro has also just launched their new Bluetooth enabled HomeKit compatible Flood Sensor, Motion Sensor and magnetic Open/Close sensor (for doors, windows, cupboards, etc).

The experience varies from brand to brand to some degree but each has its own iOs app and also will work with the baked in support found in iOs 10.2 and higher.

iDevices products with their WiFi connectivity and cloud magic, can actually work with both iOs and Android devices both in the home and even remotely using their app, without a home automation hub or Apple TV.

Likewise, Honeywell WiFi Lyric thermostats can use the free Totalconnect apps and cloud service for remote access without having to use an Apple TV or HomeKit apps.

So now the Apple household can now ask Siri to tell them the temperature in a particular room, turn up the heat, turn on the lights and lock the doors – all without an automation hub.   That being said, adding a new (most current) Apple TV can enable remote access and alerts when away from home.