iDevices WiFi and HomeKit Devices

Let iDevices make your home smarter with its WiFi thermostat, plug-in modules and screw-in bulb socket.  iDevices connects to your WiFi network and uses your iOs device and their free app to set up and control everything.  No Internet hub or gateway is required!  The line is HomeKit enabled so you can talk to Siri to control your home, and they also work with Alexa for those of you who have Alexa at home.

They look great, and they store scheduling in the device itself so you can set up scenes and on/off schedules without any Internet Hub, and they’ll run even if the net is down.

Built in LED multi coloured night lights in many of the modules can be used to set a mood, provide some visibility or just look cool.

You can access them locally or via an Internet connection and some of them even report back energy usage so you can watch for energy hogs.

Check out iDevices:

Stock is expected by Nov 10th.