Insteon Hub Upgrade Canada

If you have an older Insteon Hub and are looking for the Insteon Hub Upgrade in Canada, we have good news and bad news.

The bad news is that Insteon only runs this program directly.  Their upgrade ispriced in $USD with potential shipping, duties and customs issues, with warranty returns being the buyer’s responsibility.

The good news is that you have options!

Firstly if you wish to purchase simply the new Hub, we sell it alone for a very attractive price, particularly once you compare it with the $USD exchange rate and extra border issues:

For those looking for a Canadian option who may also be looking to expand their Insteon installation, we suggest considering:


1 x 2245-222 Insteon Hub v2
2 x 2477D Insteon Dimmers

With the value of the 2477D Insteon dimmers, the value of the Hub V2 could be considered around CDN$40 or less so it is a more attractive option if the dimmers are of any value at all.  Since we ship from Canada there would be no duties or customs issues and Aartech offers local Insteon support in case of defective issues.

As another option, the ISY994 series of Insteon automation controllers offer more advanced logic and programming including if/then/else conditional logic that is not currently possible with any of the Insteon branded Hubs, so many of our clients choose the ISY994i instead.