Use Insteon or Zwave to Open An Interior Door Automatically

The Otodoor DM-50 is an automatic door opener designed to work with a standard interior door to improve access for the physically challenged or elderly family members,   It mounts on the door and can use wireless push buttons, motion sensors or key fobs to open and close the door.

On it’s own it’s a great product but since it has a connection on it for a wired push-button it could also be controlled by any Insteon or Zwave controller!

For Insteon control, connect it to a 2450 IOLinc and it would be your ‘push button’.  For Zwave you would connect it to a MIMOLITE.

You’d want to have the IOLinc or MIMOLITE close it’s output relay for about a second then open it again.  This would simulate pushing the door open/close button and voila, you have automated control of interior doors!

The DM-50 does support an optional magnetic lock or door strike for privacy/security.  Please note this product is designed for use in residential or light/small business applications.  It is not designed for heavy duty commercial environments.  In the case of a power failure the DM-50 still allows the door to be manually opened and without power the mag log would be released automatically as well.