Insteon Smoke Bridge Now Shipping

The new Insteon Smoke Bridge provides a wireless connection to First Alert ONELINK smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors to an Insteon network.  With the appropriate automation controller, this allows the Insteon network to react to smoke or carbon monoxide events, or low battery or malfunction events.  Based on these events the system could automatically turn on house lights if smoke or carbon monoxide is detected.   Email or SMS messages could also be sent to notify key people of battery or trouble conditions.

First Alert ONELINK is a unique smoke and CO detector line with either hardwired AC or battery powered detectors that communicate using RF WIRELESS so that when one detector sounds, all of the ONELINKE devices will also activate.  The power of this system is that one can interconnect devices without additional wiring, and battery powered devices can be added anywhere without worring about electrial wiring, so that protection can easily be installed everywhere.