INSTEON SwitchLinc Dual Band On/Off Switch

We have received our shipment of the brand new 2477S INSTEON Dual Band On/Off Switch at long last.  In fact we had these available online and in stock before Smarthome direct this time around!  Dual band products communicate both via powerline (electrical) wiring, as well as RF (wireless), and the 2477S is one of the new multi-voltage products that supports from 100VAC all the way to 277VAC so it’s perfect for use in both residential and commercial applications.  This is big news for business owners looking to cut costs and add convenience by turning lights on and off automatically or via remote control.

Not only are Dual Band products quicker to communicate and even more reliable, but they’re also easier to integrate.  Since they have a wireless receiver built-in they’re perfect for Home Theatre applications.  Just install a 2477D dimmer or 2477S on/off switch and you can control it directly from a 2440BK or 2444 series wireless remote.  Quick and easy linking with no additional bridge/access point required.

It’s no secret that we’re INSTEON fans at Aartech and this new on/off switch rounds out an excellent product line very nicely!