Integrating Cameras with Leviton HAI, Vera, Homeseer, Control4

We are often asked to integrate a camera feed in to systems like Leviton HAI, Vera, Homeseer and the like to display on a touch screen or iPad interface.  The problem is that most cameras today are using ONVIF and RTSP to send video to an NVR or software for recording.  But for a simple camera feed display in HAI or Leviton they require a simple MJPEG http request.

The good news is that we have cameras from both Foscam and Acti that can record to the NVR in high def using ONVIF/RTSP and can have a second stream with MJPEG for integration.

We also have the new DoorBird video intercom which offers ONVIF for NVRs, MJPEG for automation integration and even Control4 drivers are available so these solutions work for DIY as well as professionally installed solutions.

Contact us for more details and we’d be pleased to provide more details.