Integrating Powermax Alarm Panels With VERA3 or VERALITE and Zwave

For those of you with Powermax wireless alarm systems looking to integrate with a home automation system, MicasaVerde’s VERALITE or VERA3 is a great solution.  There is a FREE software plug-in that allows VERA to ‘see’ alarm and zone status and control the panel, allowing for integration of alarm and automation events.  Pair VERA with Zwave devices to control your lights, locks and just about anything you can think of.

The Powermax panel will use a SERIAL RS232 connection to communicate with VERA so you’ll need to  provide a wired connection between the two pieces.  Many users have reported success using CAT5 cable to extend the serial connection.  It is also possible to use a wired or WIFI network to complete the connection by using a Global Cache iTach device as the network to serial adapter but this will be a much more complex set-up.  It would however solve the direct cable connection dilemna for some.

What you need:

  • Powermax alarm panel
  • Powermax serial RS232 interface for your alarm
  • A compatible USB to Serial adapter since VERA has only USB
  • The VERA Powermax plug-in
  • Serial cable and/or extension and/or CAT5 cable for extending the connection
  • Patience, read and plan FIRST!

You can find additional information about the VERA Powermax plug-in here.You can find a user forum discussing the topic here.