Android and iPhone / iPad Home Automation

Control Lights, Thermostats and Appliances
With Your iPhone or Android Device With No Monthly Fees

Smart Phones and Tablets are extremely popular but did you know your iPhone, Android Phone, iPAD or Android Tablet can be turned in to a great home automation remote control?  Whether it’s for convenience, safety or just because it’s cool, you can use your smart phone or tablet to make sure lights are turned off when you’re away or turned on before you pull up to the house.   You can make sure you locked the front door and even lock or unlock it from anywhere in the world.  You can adjust the heating and air condition in your house or cottage, and view cameras to check out your property when you’re away. You can even turn them in to a TV or AV remote.

Our two most popular technologies for controlling lights, heating and appliances are INSTEON and ZWave.  Both are retrofit friendly which means you can simply replace existing light switches with automated dimmers and switches, or add wired-in or plug-in modules that can be controlled by remotes, timers, even phones.

Once you’ve replaced your light switches and thermostat(s) and added modules where needed, you can add an Internet enabled controller to schedule heating/cooling and lights so they will turn on and off as needed to save energy or give your place a lived in look.  You can also take control of these devices from anywhere with your Internet enabled phone or tablet.

For INSTEON, you need a SmartLinc, ISY99, Hometroller or Cortexa home controller connected to your home network.  For ZWave automated switches you can use VERALITE, VERA3 or Hometroller connected to your home network.  Then just add an app on your phone or tablet and you’re all set!

The technology is here, now, not very expensive and it works!  Do it yourself and you’ll save money and won’t have to pay any service fees.  Add convenience, safety and save money by making sure lights and appliances are only turned on when necessary and keep the heating and air conditioning turned down when no-one is home.  Not only does it save money and enhance convenience and security, but it’s pretty cool too!