ISY99 Insteon Home Automation Controllers On Sale

We have made a Christmas/New Year purchase so we can pass on some great savings on the ISY99 series of home automation controllers.  The ISY99 is a full fledged automation controller designed mainly for use with INSTEON automation systems but also supports some basic X10 scheduling as well.  The ISY99 is a network attached device, which means it connects to your router/switch and runs 24/7 standalone without requiring any computer to be running.  To program it, you simply log-in using a Mac or PC web browser with Java support, set up devices, scenes and schedules and then log off and it will run on it’s own.  It’s capable of dawn/dusk and date/time based scheduling, conditional logic and very advanced programming.

Since it’s on the network, the ISY99 will let you control lights and appliances from an iPhone, Android phone or tablet anywhere in the home, or via an Internet connection.  Looking for an on-wall controller?  No problem!  Wall mount an android tablet or iPad and you have a fully Internet enabled touch screen controller that can also control all of your lights, with thousands of other apps available.

The ISY99 has a series of plug-ins available for expansion including:

  • Web server – host a web server at home
  • Network Module – access and control any network based devices
  • Elk Integration Module – ISY99 can see and control Elk M1 alarm status, zones, outputs and more
  • Energy Management – read energy usage from energy monitoring equipment

The ISY99IR version adds infrared remote reception so you can create macros and control lights using your Harmony or pretty much any other IR remote control, and the ISY99/IRPro is for very large with tonnes of scenes and devices.

With all of the above you can have the ‘Rogers Smart Home’ functionality, in a roll-your-own system with absolutely no monthly fees!