Labor Saving Devices in Stock

We’re excited to have partnered with Labor Saving Devices Inc (LSDI) to distribute their full line of installer tools.  LSDI has been a trusted manufacturer of tools to make the installer’s job easier and more efficient.  Famous for their RoyRods and Creep-Zit push/pull rods, they also offer a huge selection of other general Push Rods, Auger and Flexi Drill Bits, pull sleeves, fish tape, as well as tools for testing, in-wall vision, mess-free ceiling holes and more.

One of my personal favorites is the Rebore-Zit drill that actually lets you enlarge a hole that has a wire already run to it – without losing or damaging the wire!  Perfect for those applications when the person who ran the wires neglected to drill a big enough hole for your door or window contacts.

With about 300 line items, Labor Saving Devices has an installation tool to make everyone’s job easier!