Leviton Adding To Security and Automation With Bitwise and ClickOn Technologies

It looks like Leviton is very serious about their foray in to the automation space.  Only two years after acquiring HAI and rollling the product and company in to their Leviton Security & Automation brand,  they have recently announced the acquisition of Bitwise Controls and ClickOn Technology.   Automation is nothing new to Leviton, who was a leader in the home automation space with their HLC line of X10 compatible products.

Today Leviton offers UPB technology and has one of the largest collections of Zwave devices with unique features including immediate device feedback and a new all-in-one dimmer supporting LED, CFL, MLV and incandescent lighting.  Leviton Security and Automation, formerly HAI, boasts a great line of automation and security systems that integrate security, automation, lighting, blinds, audio and theatre equipment.  The addition of Bitwise and ClickOn will only strengthen the overall product offering.  Let’s not forget whole house audio systems and speakers by JBL.

Can’t wait to see what’s next!