Logenex Teledoorbell New Colours

The Teledoorbell line from Logenex has been a very popular product with its ability to let the owner answer the door from any phone in the house.  It can even forward ‘ring calls’ to an external telephone number like an office or cellular phone.

The S series flush, S series surface mount, and Elite series have grown to include a selection of 8 colour choices each, to match the style of just about any property.   All three series, X series, S series and Elite series are available in audio only and video models that incorporate low light capable cameras to allow the owner to see who’s at the door as well as talk to them.

The video feed from capable units can be piped directly to a TV’s video input, or to a DVR for recording, an IP server for Internet/computer viewing or sent through a modulator so the images is available as a TV channel.  Logenex has also released a 7 inch in-wall LCD screen with two video inputs that can be used to view cameras or just about any video feed.