Modulating Video Source to Cable, Satellite or Bell Fibe

We’re often asked how to modulate (inject) a video signal like a camera, DVR or computer and place it on to a television channel.  The answer is, that depends on what sort of TV you’re watching (older analog cable, new digital cable, satellite or Fibe.  In each case you’re looking for a modulator but the type you need depends on your TV system.  The modulator installs before the TV or Satellite signal is split throughout the home.

If you have old school cable TV you can use a standard modulator… however most people now have either digital cable, or satellite, or Fibe and older analog modulators designed for regular cable don’t work in this case.

If you have Digital Cable – we have the perfect solution… Logenex has a 1, 2 and 4 input modulator specifically designed to work with digital cable.  The single channel version is the SCDM-SD1 (SD video input.  There is also a model HD1 for high def inputs.  In most cases your input is an analog camera or DVR so you don’t need HD.  The SCDM modulator puts the video feed right on a digital channel so you can just tune your set top boxes in the house to this channel.

If you have Fibe or Satellite technically we don’t have a reasonably priced modulator but you can still do it with the SCFM-59 from Logenex and splitting it out as shown in the diagram below.  In this manner, the coax cable is split and one feed goes to the set top box. From the set top box an HDMI, component or RCA cable us used to connect the set top box to the TV.  The other cable off the splitter goes to the analog antenna input on the TV.  When you want to watch cable/satellite/Fibe you use the HDMI/component/video input on the TV and change channels with the set top box. When you want to watch the modulated feed, switch the TV to analog input and tune to the appropriate channel (eg. channel 59).

Bottom line – with either system we’ve got you covered. Feel free to contact us with questions.


Modulate Video To Satellite Or Bell Fibe

Please note that with DIGITAL CABLE if you are using a NON digital modulator, you will lose some digital channels that are embedded near the injected feed. This is not the case with Fibe or Satellite.  In the case of Digital cable, we suggest you use the Logenex digital cable modulators SCDM-SD1 (1 video input) or SCDM-SD2 (2 video inputs) or SCDM-SD4 (4 video inputs) or the SCDM-HD1 (high definition single input modulator).