MyDlink WIFI Sensors and Plug-in On Off Module

If you’re looking for some simple alerts or automation, DLink may have the answer.  Their new MyDlink products connect to your WIFI network and Internet connection to provide an alert to your phone if motion is sensed or if water is detected.  They’re a simple way to protect against flood water damage, and to provide some simple security.

If you want to create simple automation, it’s possible to use the free iOs or Android app to schedule on/off times for their plug-in module.  Or even link the motion sensor to the plug-in module so a light can be turned on automatically in case motion is sensed.

This is definitely not a full blown automation system but might be perfect for simple tasks at home, at the cottage or a remote property.  No automation controller is required and there are no fees for the service.

  WIFI Motion Sensor


WIFI Water Sensor


      WIFI Plug-In On Off Module


The app is free and easy to use.