NEST Acquires Revolv Then Discontinues The Product

As the world of home automation continues develop and morph, NEST has acquired home automation hub company Revolv and immediately they have announced on the Revolv web site that the Revolv automation hub is no longer available for sale.  They are quick to point out that existing customers can continue to use the platform, will receive their one year warranty and technical support will continue.   On one hand, one of NEST’s co-founders stated they are not fans of another automation hub.  So the question becomes, what was this purchase all about?  Will NEST use the Revolv team’s talent to develop an automation platform of their own?  If so, isn’t that just another Hub?  Or perhaps will it be called a ‘gateway’ where all of the intelligence is in ‘The Cloud’?

In the mean time, Homeseer and Hometroller controllers were recently voted as the #1 automation system by Top Ten Reviews and supports Zwave, Insteon, UPB and a number of other products and technologies, while keeping everything ‘in house’ rather than having it hosted in the cloud somewhere.  For Insteon fans we have always been a huge supporter of the ISY994i series of controllers, and we can’t forget the Vera range that supports Zwave automation devices natively with Insteon support available through a hardware interface.

So we have seen Google buy NEST, NEST buy Dropcam, NEST buy Revolv, Samsung buy SmartThings.  Who’s next?

Let the games begin!