New 2477D INSTEON Dual Band Dimmers

Smarthome has announced a new 2477D Dual Band INSTEON dimmer supporting both powerline based AND RF wireless communication.  The RF support means the dimmer functions as a wireless access point.  It will repeat both wired and wireless INSTEON commands and serves to further strengthen the network.  Put some of these in your house and do away with the need for INSTEON access points.

This added wireless support feature means the dimmer can be directly controlled by another wired or wireless product such as a 2440 remote control, another 2477D Dual Band dimmer or the new 2488A7 USB key.  These will be perfect for creating virtual 3 way or 4 way lighting circuits even without any other INSTEON devices present and it also makes them perfect for home theatre lighting directly controlled by an INSTEON RF remote.  They’re also perfect for installations with lots of powerline noise as they will greatly strengthen the performance of those installations.

Smarthome is finally starting to fulfill their promise of true Dual Band INSTEON support with the addition of true Dual Band devices like the 2457D2 LampLinc, 2477SA1 and 2477SA2 load controllers and now the 2477D SwitchLinc Dimmer.  Expect more new products and exciting news from Smarthome and the INSTEON product management team.