New Aeotec Zwave Smart Switch and Zwave RGB Bulb In Stock

Aeotec has introduced some great new Zwave products recently including their new ZW096 Smart Switch 6, a plug-in Zwave module small enough to be used side by side in a dual receptacle, and with energy monitoring function built in.  Plus the new ZW098 RGB Zwave bulb is a great way to create ambiance and add automation without any rewiring.  The new ZWave RGB bulb can be used to produce warm white, cool white, and 16 million colours to the point where Baskin Robbins would be jealous!

The ZW100 multisensor sold out before we received our first shipment.  We are accepting backorders currently with our next batch of product expected in August.  In the mean time, Fibaro FBMS001 multisensor is selling fast, and are being replenished quickly when stock is depleted.

The new Aeotec by Aeon Labs modules can be controlled by a Zwave automation controller that supports Zwave plus devices.