New Building and Renovation Requires Smoke Detectors With Strobes

As of January 2015, Ontario requires the installation of smoke detectors accompanied by a strobe for visual signalling.  Generally speaking smoke detectors are required on each floor, in each sleeping room and in any hall outside sleeping areas.  This is becoming adopted in other jurisdictions and in some cases combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are also required, with a signalling device.  Generally speaking the signalling device is to be a 177 Candela strobe with a specific flashing frequency.

BRK offers a smoke detector with 177 candela strobe that can be interconnected with other BRK and First Alert devices.

In the case where a combination smoke and CO detector is required as well as a strobe, there isn’t a combination device available at this time but this bundle includes a smoke and carbon monoxide detector as well as a strobe.  The smoke/co detector and strobe are two separate pieces so two junction boxes will be required, wired together along with the rest of the detectors in the home.