New INSTEON Thermostat

We just received stock of the brand new INSTEON thermostat from SmartLabs today.  The design is nice and it has full INSTEON support built in without the need to add any additional modules.   It replaces your standard low voltage thermstat and can run standalone as a fully programmable 7 day / 4 event thermostat with local controls.  More importantly it can be controlled by any INSTEON transmitter like handheld or pocket remote, tabletop transmitter or in-wall keypad.  The most exciting part of course is that it can also be used with either a 2412N SmartLinc or ISY99 series automation controller to provide remote Internet access from a Smartphone so you can adjust the temperature and mode remotely on the way home or to the cottage.  With the advanced features of the ISY99 / ISY994 series you can add email alerts when a temperature setpoint is released.

What’s also unique to this thermostat compared to previous versions, is that it is also an Insteon controller.  So it can be linked to Insteon receivers to trigger for example a ceiling fan to turn on at a certain point.  Or you can use it as a rudimentary scheduler by linking it to a light switch so that when the ‘return home’ mode is activated, it turns on outside lights or a hall light so you won’t come home to a dark place.

Like most automation thermostats it runs on 24V so it requires 24V common and return connections.  If you don’t have the common wire you may be able to use an add-a-wire module to solve the problem.    When in doubt, give us an email or contact an HVAC pro to check it out.

So now for $99 for the SmartLinc and $149 for the thermostat (plus a 2443 access point or any dual band Insteon module) you can have a Smartphone controlled thermostat and a system that can be expanded to include other lights and appliances.  Or just add it to your existing Insteon network to round off your system.

Nice job SmartLabs.