New Wireless Security Cameras

Until recently we have avoided wireless cameras like the plague because they were too prone to interference especially in urban areas.  But with the advent of digital wireless technology we can finally start to offer wireless camera systems once again.

SVAT has brought out a new batch of GigaXtreme wireless security cameras focused on DIY retail and small business installations.  The cameras are good for indoors in a commercial application, or in a protected outdoor location for home or business.   Another great application is for farm monitoring to keep an eye on livestock.  They feature a wireless range up to 100 feet, night vision up to 35 feet and built-in motion sensors to allow them to record on motion only if so desired.  Audio microphones can capture audio from a short distance – about 6 feet away.

The kits include either an LCD monitor with built-in recorder, or simply a recorder that can plug in to a TV for live viewing or playback.  Both systems record to an included SD card and can be set to record 24/7 or on schedule or on motion only.   The systems can work with 1 to 4 cameras although they can only record a single camera feed at a time.

The cameras still need a power supply to operate but with the new digital wireless technology they can transmit audio and video to the receiver without connecting cables.