Ring Doorbell Adds IFTTT Support

The Ring WIFI video doorbell is a great device, providing both in-home and remote Internet two way communication with a visitor.  Push notification based on motion, and cloud recording make this a great security device as well.  But now they’ve made it even better by supporting IFTTT.   Now a Ring event can trigger a multitude

New Zwave Baseboard Inline Thermostat

Stelpro has introduced the first Zwave Baseboard Thermostat supporting 120V and 240V baseboard heating.  Zwave automation fans finally have a solution for baseboard control without using low voltage thermostats, relays and power supplies.  The Stelpro inline baseboard thermostat replaces the standard wall thermostat or can be used in a new installation.

Smoke Alarms and CO Alarms Save Lives

There is a recurring theme in the news.  People die from fire, smoke and carbon monoxide poisoning.  Smoke and CO detectors are required by law.  And yet they are often not present or not working.  It’s such a tragedy. Smoke detectors typically have a life of up to 10 years while carbon monoxide detectors have

MyDlink WIFI Sensors and Plug-in On Off Module

If you’re looking for some simple alerts or automation, DLink may have the answer.  Their new MyDlink products connect to your WIFI network and Internet connection to provide an alert to your phone if motion is sensed or if water is detected.  They’re a simple way to protect against flood water damage, and to provide


We’ve added Hikvision to our site for your shopping pleasure.  These are the real deal and we’re an authorized Hikvision Canada partner so you know you’ll be getting quality, original product and not cheap imported knockoffs!   We expect to see some Hikvision stock in our warehouse soon but most items not in stock will normally

HDMI Extender Over Single CAT5E or CAT6

Forget trying to run extra long HDMI cables through floors and walls.  They’re expensive and the longer they are, the less likely they’ll provide a clean signal.  New HDMI extenders can send HDMI over single CAT5E or CAT6 cable to 40, 50 or 100 meters! HDMI Extender over single CAT5E or CAT6 to 40M HDMI

Black Friday 2015

Our Black Friday sale is in full swing.  Some items have already sold out but we have more inventory inbound so don’t worry, place your orders and we’ll fill them as soon as humanly possible.   Enjoy the savings and as always thank you for your patronage!

Envisalink EVL3 Now Replaced By EVL4

Our beloved EVL3 that has served us for the last few years has gone through another incarnation and is now reborn as the EVL-4.  The https://www.aartech.ca/envisalink-evl4.html is an IP module that connects to DSC Powerseries or Honeywell Vista Keypad Buses and adds FREE email or SMS alerts in addition to remote status updates and remote