Visonic Launches New Powermax Express QuickFit Surveillance and Alarm Kits

Continuing their tradition of cutting edge wireless systems, Visonic has launched a new Powermax Express QuickFit Surveillance and Alarm System Kit.  Powermax Express is a completely wireless self-contained alarm system for home or business supporting both professional monitoring and self-monitoring options.  Self monitoring allows the home or business owner to monitor the system without adding any additional monthly service fees.

This new kit offers ground breaking speed and ease of installation with all wireless sensors, camera and keyfob pre-enrolled and programmed in to the system.  The system comes ready to use and includes an on-board Internet module, door/window sensors, a motion detector, 2 way keyfob with system status feedback, and an indoor IP network camera with night vision.

The on-board Internet module allows the Powermax Express alarm and camera to be accessed by the home or business owner from anywhere in the world where an Internet connection is available.   3G cell phones such as iPhone, Blackberry and Android phones can be used to access the alarm remotely and receive alerts.  The camera can send images to the owner or monitoring station in case of an alarm event to quickly determine the correct course of action.

A complete set of additional wireless door, window, temperature, water and motion sensors are available as well as wireless indoor or outdoor sirens with strobes.

Protect your home, vacation property and business with alarm and video monitoring at an affordable price – what are you waiting for?