Remote Reboot, Remote Power Control, Automatic Reboot

Routers can hang, computers can crash, servers can blue screen and digital signage can glitch.  At home this is a pain but in business these problems are critical and if no-one is close by, how long does it take to get a tech on site?  Dataprobe’s iBoot Internet web remote power switch takes care of this problem by allowing the user or tech to remotely control power or initiate a hard power cycle to reboot equipment from anywhere using a network or Internet connection.  Whether it’s one or a hundred power switches, the cloud service can be used to remotely manage and control these power switches 24/7 using a simple single sign-on.  The iBoot series also supports automatic power cycling to perform a hard reboot automatically.

We thought this was a fabulous idea and a great product and what truly sets iBoot apart from the competition is that they are one of the only ones to take the time and expense to get the product electrically certified for both USA and Canada.  Most other similar products have no certification and yet they are being used to control power in homes and businesses?

The iBoot G2 plugs in to a wall outlet and your network for control by web browser or API calls, on the network or over the Internet.   Their cloud service can be used to eliminate IP tracking and port forwarding.  The iBoot G2 can be set to regularly ‘ping’ the connected device over the network to ensure it’s running.  If it stops responding it can cycle power to reset the equipment.  In addition, power cycling can be set up to run on a schedule.

The iBoot G2+ takes it a step further by offering Windows software that runs on the computer or server that’s plugged in to the G2+ to keep a heartbeat for monitoring.  If the heartbeat stops, the system can be gracefully restarted.  In addition the iBoot G2+ supports adding a lower cost additional outlet that can be individually controlled.  Or just add another G2+ and include it in the cloud account for easy access.

The iBoot WIFI is similar to the iBoot G2 except that instead of a wired network connection, it uses WIFI so no Ethernet cables need to be run.  Just plug it in and connect to WIFI for remote network or Internet power switching.

These products are reasonably priced and have been sold for  years to protect digital signage networks, keep servers, routers and network equipment online, and even keep planes in the air!