Ring Battery Powered WIFI Stick Up Cam

The Ring Stick Up Cam is now in stock!  For years we’ve had people asking for truly wire free cameras and until recently it wasn’t possible.  The Ring Stick Up Cam runs on a rechargeable battery and uses  the existing WIFI network and Internet connection to set up and send alerts to your iOs or Android device when motion has been detected.  When the alert is received, the user can either watch the video feed, listen or have a two way voice conversation.

See the Ring Stick Up Cam Here:  https://www.aartech.ca/ring-stick-up-cam.html

The motion sensor can be adjusted to reach out to 30 feet or toned down for shorter coverage, and even motion coverage areas can be defined to reduce false motion alerts and to cover the required area.

Ring also offers a very affordable cloud storage solution that sends these motion clips to their cloud servers to be stored and even shared with other users you allow to see them, like friends or police.

You do need to make sure you have strong, reliable WIFI at the camera location and good quality broadband Internet for the cameras to perform.  Budget WIFI routers and ISP provided free WIFI routers may need to be upgraded but only if the signal isn’t consistent or strong enough.  A WIFI range extender may also be your friend in case of any sort of flaky WIFI performance.