Ring Floodlight Cam in Canada

Looking for the Ring Floodlight Cam in Canada?  Right here at Aartech Canada!

Ring has launched their new Floodlight Cam, an amazing all in one security product that can be used as a retrofit or new installation.   This is Ring’s adaptation of the tried and true motion activated floodlights we’ve known for years, but upgraded with a camera, remote cloud access and several enhancements.

Ring Floodlight Cam
Ring Floodlight Cam

For starters, a pair of LED floodlights can be set to turn on at dusk, off at dawn, by a custom schedule or when motion is detected.  The motion detection area for the floodlights is 270 degrees, great for corner mounted floodlights.  Using the free Ring app, the lights can also be turned on any time by a smart phone, or can be made to flash to scare away an intruder.

A built in 110dB siren can also be triggered remotely via the user’s smart phone, which should help dirty the underwear of many a criminal.   Of course no-one would use this to prank a friend right?  Right.  Sounds like fun!

Ring is known for their security cameras, and this is no exception.  The Floodlight Cam features a high definition camera with 1080p resolution and its own smart motion sensor.   When motion is detected, a push alert is sent to the user(s) smart phones and they can view live video, listen-in and even talk back through the camera in case someone is introducing on the property.  The camera works great and when combined with the floodlights turning on, amazing quality video can be captured.  The camera also features night vision so it works in no light situations as well.

The Ring app allows the user to set the motion detection area to reduce false alarms.  Plus it also features object detection and facial detection, making it much smarter than most cameras – push alerts can be set to trigger based on facial recognition for example.

The Ring Floodlight Cam can be used on it’s own, with multiple floodlights, or in combination with the Ring Doorbell and/or Ring Stick Up Cam for all around coverage and security.

Live viewing of video is always free, with optional cloud recording available for a reasonable cost for one or multiple cams.

Keep in mind this is a hardwired device, that would mount like any floodlight to a junction box with 110V (or 240V) power.   As a retrofit it’s perfect.  For a new installation you may need to hire an electrician to run some wires to the floodlight location if they don’t already exist.

Ring Floodlight Cam in White:
Ring Floodlight Cam in Black:

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