Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Ring has announced their newest addition, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro.  Product is expecting to ship around end of April or early may and you can see more here:  https://www.aartech.ca/ring-video-doorbell-pro-1080p.html

The new product differs from the original Ring doorbell in the following ways:

– Smaller footprint
– 1080p resolution (compared to 720p)
– Supports 2.4GHZ and 5 GHZ WIFI (compared with 2.4GHZ)
– Wired connection ONLY for power, from doorbell wiring (compared with battery powered or wired optional)
– Ships as one sku with 4 colour change face plates
– Phone app can request video/audio feed any time
– User may draw a motion sensor pattern (compared to using pre-set areas)



The new Ring Video Doorbell Pro will be more expensive of course, and since it requires a wired doorbell connection it won’t be for everyone.  But it’s a great option for new builds, pro installers and prosumer clients.  The current Ring WIFI doorbell will continue to be offered and with the built in battery is much more flexible and affordably priced.

Our experience so far with the Ring doorbell line as a whole has been excellent with the vast majority of customers loving them and very low defect rate. Video quality has been very good, push notifications have been fast, and firmware updates have provided timely feature improvements and security updates.