Save Hydro and Money With Pool Timers

Pools are a wonderful thing but if you add up the cost of running hydro 24/7 to keep the pool pump running and particularly if you have a heater, then the cost of electricity may make you wish you could just go jump in a lake!

But let’s face it, there’s no need to keep the pool pump running all the time.  As long as you cycle it long enough during the day you’re fine and you can spend your savings on pool noodles if you like.

We have several electronic or mechanical timers that are perfect for scheduling when the pool pump will run.  And if you happen to have a heated pool, make sure you use a timer with a heater switch, AKA fireman switch. These little beautis will turn off the heater automatically PRIOR to turning off the pool pump so you don’t cause damage by having the heater running with water not circulating.

Pool season in Canada is short, enjoy it but save some money while you’re at it!