Security Flood Lights

Home security is near and dear to our hearts here at Aartech and we have written in the past about a holistic approach to security. We regularly recommend security systems, video doorbells cameras to secure the home or business. Sometimes however, security can start with security lights like motion sensing floodlights and dusk to dawn lighting. Crooks love the cover of dark so by shedding light on the property you make it less attractive to criminals, and safer for family or staff.

Of course today’s lighting is all about LED for it’s longevity, power savings and great coverage. Enbrighten LED Motion Activated Flood Lights are a great retrofit idea to light a path when you come and go and to let intruders know there are better places to be.

Motion LED Security Floodlights

Available in 2 head or 3 head models, these motion activated floodlights will cover the area in bright light for security when motion is sensed.

But they can also be set for accent lighting mode where they can be set to your choice of a few colour temperatures like warm white or soft white at a reduced light level for when you’re just hanging out with friends and family.

Enbrighten security floodlights mount to a standard 110V junction box so they can replace older floodlights or standard lights without running new wires. They can be mounted on the wall or under an eve. The quick connect wiring harness lets you connect wires and mount the back plate without the weight and bulk of the main unit. Then the main unit goes on and connects to the terminal block as it goes on. Nice and easy.

The motion sensor can pick up movement up to 70 feet away and with an angle of 240 degrees to ensure the whole area around the floodlight is covered. The 2 head or 3 head LED lights offer plenty of coverage aimed the way you need it.

Switches let you quickly set how long accent lighting stays on, the colour temperature of accent lighting, security light on time and motion sensitivity distance. Accent lights can be on dusk to dawn or for 3 or 6 hours. Security lights can be set to turn on for 1, 5 or 20 minutes.

The floodlight accent or security light can be triggered by a wall switch inside the home that controls the power.

Typical placement for security floodlights include over the garage, in front of a workshop, in the back yard or along the side of the house.

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